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Back From Vacation!

My apologies to anyone who might have been following my blog and hasn't see anything new in awhile. I forgot to mention in my last post that I was headed out for a vacation to visit Vegas and southern California to have fun and visit family, respectively. As with most vacations, I definately spent a LOT more money than I usually would for the month, but isn't that what a vacation is for? To me, vacation's not just about getting away from work and your everyday surroundings, but also from worrying about things like money and other stressors. Not to say vacation means go hog wild about spending, but if you've saved up to take a vacation then take it!

Short post for now, but I'll post again later today about my recent salary increase and bonus check that came in yesterday. And maybe if I'm really ambitious, about my current debt consolidation strategy and how that's going. balance transfers with 2.99% apr for the life of the balance? Thank you very much American Express! :-)


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