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Free Money - Thanks PartyPoker!

This morning as I was getting situated for another day of work, I did the usual things and checked a couple of email accounts and glanced at a couple of blogs I keep tabs on. The blogs hadn't been posted to yet, since it was pretty early, but one of my email addresses had smoething to read which put a big smile on my face. My withdrawal from PartyPoker went through and is waiting in my Neteller account. :-)

This withdrawal doesn't have anything to do with my finances, really, since the money was only in my account for a few days and was only there to take advantage of a bonus code they sent me a few days ago. This time, I only had an extra $150 that I knew I could do without for a few days, which netted me a $30 bonus after I played the required 300 raked hands to release it. Since my quest with poker is to grow a bankroll organically from an initial investment of $50, and eventually be playing high enough stakes to generate a few hundred a month in additional income, I considered the recent deposit a loan to myself. Now that the loan's paid back, I've netted a 20% return on the "investment" in a couple of days, for doing something I would be doing anyway. Thanks PartyPoker!

Pretty soon I'll get motivated enough to add a poker section to this blog to help document my progress on growing my bankroll and generating usable debt-reducing income through poker. Until then, who else likes free money, and where have you found some recently?


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